How To Connect Two routers

How To Connect Two routers Wirelessly To Extend The WiFi range?

So before we get into the actual process of extending your wifi, you should be made to remember that most of the routers have been most effective designed to cater the desires of transmitting an internet connection out of your adsl connection. However few routers do have the added advantage of performing as a WiFi extender. So first we ought to check if that router has that facility. Allow us to call the router linked to the internet as host router and the router for use as an extender as the extender router.(obviously..)

we need to now test the compatibility of the extender router.

(it’s better if you reset this extender router. So, now if you login to the router login for the first time you may be requested data for connecting to the internet(which you will pass for now.) in addition to credentials for ssid and password for WiFi connection which you have to set.)

We should get entry to the router login of the extender router. It is a fairly easy process. Now first join your pc to the extender both wirelessly or the use of a LAN cable. Now, in case you take a look at at the backside of your router, there might be an ip- address given to access the router login, for maximum routers it’s miles either 192. 168.1. 1. Now type this ip deal with into your browser of desire. Now you’ll be directed to the router login internet site. It’s going to now continue to invite you for the credentials, which are additionally located at the back aspect of the router. So now enter these credentials to get into the router login. Now that you’ve logged in.

Now you have to try and find if you have the wifi repeating alternative to be had within the settings. It’s more often than not located within the advanced tab settings. So, in case you do find that WiFi repeating choice is available to your router, congrats, now you may use your router as a wifi extender.( however there’s a capture for the Netgear router customers who’ve this wifi extending choice.

For Netgear users on my own each the host and the extender routers need to be of Netgear and should have this WiFi extending option to be had. Pass down as there are specific guidance for Netgear WiFi extending router manner. )

So after you’ve gone into the tab of WiFi repeating, flip the WiFi repeating feature on. Now you’ll discover a site survey button to be had in that page. Click on that and it’s going to now show you all the nearby WiFi connections to be had. Click on at the name of the WiFi connection you desire to extend, and click on subsequent. You may now be requested for the password of the host router WiFi connection. Now it’ll ask you to alternate the router login IP cope with, trade it 192. 168. 1. 2 or whatever the router login IP is, just increment the ultimate variety through

  1. The motive for this step is, virtually due to the fact most routers have the same ip address assigned to them. So now in case you surely get admission to the 192. 168. 1. 1 with out doing the above manner, the browser may have confusion because it does no longer know to which router login to visit. Now from thereon to get right of entry to the router login of the Netgear WiFi extender router, you should get right of entry to the ip cope with that you had entered after the wifi extending method. That’s practically it!

Now for netgear customers:

As I already mentioned, to increase WiFi the usage of a Netgear router both the host and the extender router have to be of Netgear . For Netgear users by myself you need to logon to the router login of each the host as well as the extender router. Now that you’ve already logged directly to you router login visit the home web page of the router login in which all the info are given and find the mac deal with/idof both the routers and be aware it down separately.

For extender router:

Within the WiFi repeating router, permit WiFi repeating function and click on WiFi repeater radio button. Now for the repeater ip address, input your router login IP cope with, however simply increment the closing quantity by myself.(now on this can serve as the router login ip for the extender router.) and now input the mac address of the host router.

For host router:

Inside the WiFi repeating router, allow WiFi repeating characteristic and click on on WiFi base station radio button. And enter the Mac address of the extender router in repeater Mac address 1.( further you may upload up to 4 Netgear routers as extenders.)

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