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Step By Step Guide to Fix Orange Light On Netgear Extender

The Netgear is one of the most excellent dual-band Wi-Fi mesh extenders produced by the company since it helps to enhance wireless coverage by combining the existing router with the extender to form a Wi-Fi mesh network. In addition, it features smart roaming for simplified internet broadcasting and is compatible with more than forty devices. Once the extender has been correctly powered on, the LED indications will illuminate solid green. However, if there is an orange light on the Netgear extender, we have information for you!

What Does The Orange Light On My Netgear Mean?

The fact that the Wi-Fi extension’s solid orange light is on suggests that the device is in the process of starting up. In the vast majority of cases, the orange light will turn green within a few seconds or minutes of being activated. On the other hand, if the extender remains in the booting phase and the orange light does not turn off, you need to try the instructions that are listed below:

Evaluate The Connections And Cables

Check the connections and cables first since loose or damaged connections might cause the Netgear extender power light orange to illuminate. We advise that you inspect each cable and ensure that it is securely connected. In addition, you must inspect the wires for excessive bending or apparent damage since such cables fail to send signals, resulting in a stalled booting process. Therefore, if the cables are bent or broken, they must be replaced. In contrast, if the cables are only loose, they must be removed and reconnected securely (the cable should make a clicking sound).

Power Cycle

The most straightforward and efficient method for improving the efficiency of the boot process is to simply restart the extender. Cache memory can be reset by cycling the power supply; if there is an issue with the system’s firmware or software, it will be fixed after the reset. To complete the power cycle, you must disconnect the power cord from the extender, let it sit without power for five minutes, and finally reconnect the cord. After a brief time, the extension will begin to boot up, at which point all of the indicator lights will switch to the green position.


Because the extender uses your internet connection to extend the network, the third solution is checking for internet service disruption. However, when internet signals are poor or inconsistent, the extender has nothing to extend, causing the booting process to become stalled. Therefore, we advise you to contact your internet service provider to determine if there is an internet outage (some internet service providers also have dedicated apps to alert users about a network outage). If there is a network outage, you must wait for the ISP to repair the server.


The firmware is an essential component of network equipment, including the Wi-Fi extension. Because if the firmware is out-of-date, it can create booting troubles, including the Netgear wifi extender orange power light. Therefore, we advise you to access the extender’s dashboard, open the menu, and scroll down to firmware. When you enter the firmware tab, there will be an update button that you must touch to upgrade the firmware of the extender.

Your Equipment Is Overheating

Like humans, your Netgear extender requires a break. Therefore, turn off your Netgear extender for 10 to 15 minutes before turning it back on. Use this technique at least once each month to prevent your device from overheating. Misplacement Of Your Netgear Extender

If you have placed your Netgear extender in a corner or far from your primary router, you may also encounter the problem. Place the Netgear extender on a higher, central point in your home, close to your router’s WiFi network, in order for it to be operational with long-lasting LEDs.

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